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Online order

How to make an online order?

1. Choose the product that you want to order and click on Add to cart next to it. The product will be added to your shopping cart.

2. If you want to order more products you can do it by following the section above.

*The products that you have already placed in your shopping cart will stay there until you finish your order or until you click on button Clear cart to empty the whole cart or you can click on Delete next to the product you want to delete.
You can easely go back to view other products, to add products to your shopping cart and to see what you have added by clicking on Items from every page in this website.

3. When you open your shopping cart please review the products you want to order. If you want to delete a some of your products click on Clear Cart to empty it or click Delete next to the relevant product.

4. When you are happy with the product you picked, you want to order them and you won't add any other product click on Checkout.

5. If you are not registered on our website, please click on Registration and fill in the registration form. If you already have registration to finish your order you need to log in. In case you don't want to register click on Anonymous order and fill in Payment details, Shipping details, choose Delivery method, choose Payment method. Check all of you details and then click Confirm. If you want to change something click on Back.

*If you have a registration in our website all your data will be saved.

Your order is finished!

6. We will deliver your products in the shortest possible time (depending on you region). If you have any questions, contact us on or use the contact form in your website.